Battery Recycling

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Battery recycling and utilization for the development of  a circular economy

Battery recycling is both the crucial part at the end of the NEV industry chain and the beginning of the industry chain.

In order to promote the sustainable development of the NEV industry and properly handle the disposal of vehicles and used batteries, CATL and its subsidiary, Guangdong Brunp, work with customers to build a closed loop of battery production→utilization→cascade utilization →recycling and resource regeneration,  focusing on environmental, economic and social values.

Brunp Recycling

Pioneer in the Industry

Overall Layout, 6 Bases

Covers the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and central China, and expands to Indonesia

Strategic cooperation with top automotive enterprises, battery and material enterprises, and scientific research

117 Standards Formulation

Participated in the formulation or revision of 75 standards related to waste battery recycling and battery material regeneration

273 Inovation Patents

Independent R&D of waste battery directional recycling technology and raw material synthetic technology, taking the lead in the industry to address the issues of "waste reduction" 

273 invention patents for battery and material recycling

Large Recycling Scale


Waste Battery Disposal Capacity


Metal recovery rate of nickel, cobalt, manganese


Domestic proportion of waste battery recycling